Sanctuaries of Silence - NY Times Op Docs

Adam Loften grew up in the town of Mill Valley, which also happens to be where I've lived for the past 21 years.  Over the past decade I've seen a red van with the words "Future Filmmaker Workshops" emblazoned on it parked on the street a few blocks away from my home.   I wondered about it but I guess it was too early for me to meet its founder, Adam Loften... because we found each other just a few months ago after he saw my 360 blog.

Adam left FFW to join up with Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee at the Global Oneness Project to produce many amazing films, and in the autumn of 2017 they made their first 360 video, which I totally love.  It was featured at SXSW, NYT Op-Docs just featured it this week, and it'll be in the Within app this year.  If you'd like to watch it in a headset, you can download the NYT VR app at this link here.

Shout out to Adam and Emmanuel.  They're currently working on their first stereoscopic piece and although I'm sworn to secrecy, it's going to be awesomely beautiful.  Inspiration!



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