Can VR Save the Grand Canyon? 360 Labs protects our natural heritage.

If you want to be inspired as to how 360 filmmaking can make a difference in the world, look no farther than what Matt Rowell and Thomas Hayden (and their team at 360 Labs) have made about how developers have been trying to convert the confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado rivers... one of the most sacred areas of the Canyon, into a mega tourist attraction called The Grand Canyon Escalade.  Using 360 video along with 3D CGI, they tell an epic story about how the local indigenous people have successfully fought off development (so far, anyway).

Here's the film, plus a great "Making Of" and then a short full of stereoscopic footage they shot while on location.  One of the many things I took away from this production is how well spatial audio is used.  Listen carefully and you'll hear that before a split edit happens to the next scene, you'll hear where to look even before the shot presents itself.  Plus their combination of head-locked and spatial audio makes it very clear what's happening as we're taken through the story.  Well done!  We need more work like this in the 360 world (and I intend to make some of it. :).

If you're reading this on your phone and want to watch the video on your Google Cardboard or other VR headset, just tap the title of the video and it'll take you directly to the Youtube app where you can click on the cardboard "glasses" icon to begin watching immersively.

This next piece created bay 360 Labs was shot with the Google Jump camera, and is a good example of it's stereoscopic features.