Mark Qvist explains why stereoscopic 3D is hard, and how to make it easier.

Reading this post was a revelation... I'd had lots of issues with my Insta360Pro while testing its stereoscopic output, even when using MistikaVR for stitching.  That's one of the main reasons why I sent it back to B&H.

Mark Qvist, whosw work at Superhelix in Denmark is of the absolute highest quality in the field of 3D/360 video, explains exactly why this is... each camera has subtle variations during manufacturing that require us to calibrate our cameras to get a correct result.

If you're interested in shooting 3D 360, it's a must-read.  (Now to find another 3D-capable camera... I'm currently deciding between the Kandao Obsidian and Zcam V1.)


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