Z CAM V1 low light examples (the Residents in 3D/360)

The Z CAM V1 camera has 10 1/2.3” sensors and lenses in a radial array. Z CAM also makes the V1 Pro camera, which has an array of 8 Micro 4/3 sensors (and 1 up-camera). The V1 Pro has about a stop better low-light performance and dynamic range than the V1 due to the physics of the sensor, but the V1 uses a new backside-illuminated sensor that provides better performance than what people are used to with 1/2.3” sensors.

I’ve been shooting the V1 for 8 months now but haven’t had a chance to seriously shake it down in a club environment with low stage light levels until last week, when me and my buddies David Lawrence and Steve Cooper captured the legendary SF art rock band The Residents at the Swedish American Hall during their SF Litquake premiere and readings from their new novel “The Brickeaters.” We used Steve’s radio-controlled go.dingo rover to move the camera from spot to spot in front of the stage without touching the rig… it was trés cool!

  The V1 on a 7’ high stalk terminating in the go.dingo rover (which is below frame).

The V1 on a 7’ high stalk terminating in the go.dingo rover (which is below frame).

Our captures are the first phase of a much more complex project in which this material will be used as an element in a bigger context within the 360° world. (Watch any Residents video on Youtube and you’ll get a sense of what that might mean.) We’re at the beginning of a year-long project but I’ve been promising Kinson Loo at Z CAM some of this type of footage to show folks what the V1 footage looks like in this kind of club environment, so here’s a 2-minute collection of pieces of 3 songs. The lighting for this show was just a few LED sources and far from optimal but the camera handled it like a champ. (typical setting was 1/30th between 640-800iso) This footage has no noise reduction applied and a slight adjustment to increase contrast and saturation.

If you’ve never seen the Residents before, and/or if you’re easily triggered by imagery channeling society’s id and shadow side, you may not want to watch this. It can be pretty intense stuff for some people, especially in a headset because the singer proximity to camera is sometimes less than 1’. Just sayin….

You can download the 4Kx4K image file here and play it on your headset directly for optimal inspection and best results.