Cruising on SF Bay... in 360°

If you're reading this on your phone and want to watch the video on your Google Cardboard headset, just tap the title of the video and it'll take you directly to the Youtube app where you can click on the cardboard "glasses" icon to begin watching immersively.

I still had some battery juice after the Women's March, so on the way back to Marin on the Tidelines commuter ferry it was fun to make a shot documenting that beautiful trip across the Bay.  It was just 30min before sunset and we were held in golden hour light for the entire trip  I sat down on the aft deck, grabbed the monopod to keep it steady and settled in for the 20-minute ride (which I sped up in post to fit Van Morrison's 6-minute beautiful rendition of "I Left My Heart in San Francisco").

Lessons Learned:

Stabilization: The GoPro Fusion's internal stabilization is just incredible.  I was sitting directly above two powerful engines that were creating a huge amount of high-frequency vibration, yet you see absolutely none of that in the video.  Typically when stabilizing HF vibrations you'd see a lot of micro-artifacting in the image but there's absolutely none evident.  And of course there were plenty of low-frequency vibrations as well when we hit bit waves, but again the image is totally stable.  In fact so stable that I was able to speed many parts of the shot up by 10x, which would normally accentuate any instability to the point where the shot would be unusable.  Crazy tech, gotta hand it to the GoPro hardware and the Kolor team for making such a robust tool.

Nadir Patching: I used FCPX 10.4's 360° nadir patching tool to get rid of myself and it worked pretty well... key framing the patch as necessary.  If you look carefully you'll see a bit of fringing occasionally around the patch, but in general this is a best case for the tool because the deck I was sitting on was pure grey and had no discernible details.  Typically that's not the case, but sometimes we get lucky.  

Dynamic Range: Rendered in GoPro's Flat color mode and then added some saturation back in during post but no extra contrast.  I'm very impressed by how well the Fusion handled the high-contrast situation, maintaining a fair amount of detail in the area of the setting sun as well as in the shadow areas on the boat.  

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