Synchronicity and the man who named the Ozo.

Here's a quick post that's almost OT, but bears a mention because of the serendipity of it considering the timing and subject.  On the day I launched this blog I was also filming an event where local activists were preparing their signs and songs for the upcoming Women's March in San Francisco (which I'll be filming in 360 this weekend and writing about it here next week).  I had my little GoPro Fusion with me and Danny Altman approached, asking if it was a "VR camera."  I asked him if he knew much about 360 video and he told me that he was the guy who named the OZO for Nokia.  (!) Hearing that, I brought him outside and spent a couple of minutes interviewing him about it (he didn't have much time because a writer for Dan Rather's blog was waiting to interview Danny as well).  

Danny Altman, the GoPro Fusion and yours truly.

Danny Altman, the GoPro Fusion and yours truly.

One thing I learned about the Fusion (which I've only had for 2 days) is that it records totally usable audio!  Pretty amazed by that, and what's more it records in both stereo and ambisonic format.  Given my complete lack of exploration into spatial audio (yes I know how important it is, but FCPX doesn't support it yet and I'm not quite ready to learn FB360 or Logic with plugins... I have patience and will get there :) I mastered this in stereo.  The whole thing is pretty much straight out of the camera, which has fairly decent dynamic range (as evidenced by the detail in the clouds, not bad for such a tiny sensor).  Here's the interview:

BTW, I love the way these kinds of synchronous experiences have been described by the novelist Paul Auster as "rhyming events."  That's his wonderful term for these kinds of coincidences that seem more than ordinary mathematical flukes.  (I've had my share of these and the more I'm open to them, the more they seem to happen.)  Here's a fantastic interview with Auster about this in a production of Radiolab from 2011.  Highly recommended.

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