Visualise... one of my favorite 360° blogs from an award-winning production studio.


In addition to their own mobile app and a treasure-trove of great content, the folks at Visualise have the most incredible blog, full of news and tips for 360° filmmakers with articles going all the way back to 2009.  Very highly recommended.

An interesting article to start with is this one about the projected ROI of a 360° video project.  

Their 2017 Showreel has many great examples of how to edit a 360° project effectively.  Pay special attention to how each cut leads the viewer from action-area to action-area.  For example, if you're looking at the primary subject at the end of shot #1, you're still looking at the correct place in the scene at the beginning of the next shot... #2.  Notice how they focus the viewer's attention on a particular 90-120° area of the environment and how the other 240-270° area is there to give viewers an immersive quality but not at the expense of following the story.  They use audio cues extensively to make it obvious what the viewer should be looking at... audio is arguably the most critical of all the attention-focusing tools in 360° video.

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