The New York Times - leaders in 360° video

In 2015, the New York Times sent a Google Cardboard display to every one of its subscribers, bound into the newspaper.  This was probably the single most significant event for 360° video, accelerating the adoption of the technology tremendously.  And in 2016, NYT sent out another 300,000 Cardboard units to its digital-only subscribers.  Here's an article about their commitment to this tech.

Here's a link to an entire year's worth of videos in a Youtube playlist.

Some of my favorite 360 pieces by NYT include:

Soar with a Golden Eagle.  A 360 camera is literally strapped to the back of one of these magnificent birds  Absolutely thrilling.

Walking New York. The making of The New York Times Magazine's Walking New York cover with the artist JR.  What I find most interesting about this is that it was shot in 2015 with an early 360 camera that was obviously low resolution, with limited dynamic range and poor sharpness.  Yet it captures the subject so beautifully and is a great example of how story always wins over the technology used to tell it.  It's all about the story.

Climbing 1 World Trade Center:  Man on a Spire.  Talk about vertigo-inducing 360 video.  Just the thought of how the camera was rigged for these shots makes me dizzy.  

Under a Cracked Sky.  Dive under Antarctic sea ice into some of the clearest water on Earth.  Enough said... how could I ever experience something like this any other way?


CuratedGary Yost